Theoretical & Practical Clinics

Groen Equestrian can come to a group to do a lecture, for instance on training physiology or quality of training, or a practical clinic. A practical clinic can be management or riding oriented and will take a more hands-on approach.

All the theoretical lectures can be done as a webinar as well. Some theoretical lectures Esther offers are:

  • Lecture on endurance training: are your riding or are you training? Information on training physiology and how you can train to maximum effect without unnecessary wear and tear on your horse.
  • Lecture on quality of endurance training. In this lecture, we focus on the quality of the work you are doing as endurance training is often mainly focussed on quantity rather than quality.
  • Clinic on conformation and movement for endurance. This clinic will be practical using some horses as an example of how conformation and action can influence the risk of injury and in what way we can minimise that risk.
  • Introduction to endurance and/or vetgates. For people wanting to try endurance, or endurance riders wishing to learn about vetgates. We cover the vetting, how to slosh and cool-down, how to take a pulse. If possible, we also ride a loop and come back to practice finish and/or vetgate.l

Esther also offers mounted clinics: Training rides with Esther personally joining the group on one of her horses, teaching and helping both rider and horse with a correct way of going.

  • The pace and control workshop. This is a group workshop that can be done with horses at any level of fitness. We work on maintaining pace and control while riding at different positions in a group of other riders. This will test the riders for their observational skills as well as their riding skills as the horse needs to be obedient in front, behind, and when being overtaken. Esther joins the group on one of her horses and will help with posture, control and everything that is going on. This workshop can take place at a round gallop (preferably not too narrow) or in a big safe field where we can ride around the perimeter. Esther sometimes organises these sessions herself in the West Midlands but can come elsewhere with one of her horses at request.
  • Group training rides in Wyre Forest (Worcestershire) or elsewhere, on request. Esther will ride with the group and teach while riding. We can tackle all issues as they arise, and Esther will help with posture, aids and safe ways of going for your horse.
  • Hill training in Wyre Forest (with hills that are not too steep) or elsewhere, on request. We will focus on the correct way of doing hill work to make the best use of hills for the fitness and technique of your horse. Esther will ride with the group and help where needed.

You can see there is a lot of choice so have a good look if there is anything you, a group of friends or your riding club or yard would like to book Esther for.

Price for these lessons depends on several factors:

  • Webinar or lecture on location
  • Distance to drive to the location
  • Duration of lecture or clinic 
  • Number of people in the case of a mounted clinic

Please contact Esther with this information so she can give an estimate for prices.