In the time the stud has existed a few horses have come and gone. Some were just on lease to Esther, others were sold as a foal or older horse to good homes. Every horse that is part of the Groen Equestrian yard will only go to 5* homes that are carefully vetted. All are bred out of carefully selected performance horses, they have grown up with the best care, feed and 24-7 turn out to become strong and healthy horses. 

  • Shatranj Akhdhar - 2021

    Shatranj was bred by Esther out of Czeresnia (Chess), a mare that was on loan to see if she could become a high level endurance horse. Unfortunately at some point Esther had to conclude she did not have the mental perseverance needed to be brave enough to face all the competitive world would throw at her and she decided to breed 1 foal before the mare was returned to the owner.

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  • Lupine Akhdhar - 2021

    Lupine is a dainty pretty filly, lovely showy paces and an inquisitive personality. As only filly amongst 3 colts she might become a pretty tomboy, she is already playing and running a lot with Voltage, who was born 2 days before her. With her parentage she should be able to do anything she puts her little hoof to, her half brother out of the same dam (Aqui) is doing well in dressage and has a huge jump. Of course dam Asphodele has done well in endurance so this is a versatile filly.

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  • Rayqui - 2021

    Rayqui is a lovey big bold colt, with a cool and inquisitive personality. With 2 champagne parents he had a small chance to be homozygous for champagne, but he is not unfortunately. That does not make him any less. He is one of the few gold champagne pard warmbloods around and with his parents he should be a lovely all round horse. His good paces and lovely temperament will certainly help with that. Of course his colour will give some added bling: he will look like a very shiny iridescent palomino, guaranteed to turn heads wherever he goes

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  • Aquilegio Akhdhar - 2021

    Aqui is quite unique, he is the only champagne horse in the UK with this amount of Arab blood. Most champagnes have Quarter Horse (or Tenessee Walker) blood in them: the champagne gene seems to have originated in America and is seen in some American breeds or crosses.

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  • Araghnid Akhdhar - 2021

    Araghnid, or Arie as he is called by friends, is out of Esther’s favourite mare Moragh and racehorse Spiderman Kossack. Esther won this breeding when she came third in the 160 km race in Ermelo in 2015 (Hosting the Dutch Championships)

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  • Fionn Akhdhar - 2021

    Esther was asked to train Russian bred mare Pulcheria Knedo for 2 years to see if she had the potential for international endurance (like her mother ND’s Pirobelle). In exchange, Esther would get to breed a foal.

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  • Shanti’s Shahzada - 2018

    Shatranj’s 2018 foal out of Littlebanks Troubadour (Chip Chase Sadaqa) was born out of a lease construction and is growing up in The Netherlands.
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  • Shakan Akhdhar - 2017

    Shatranj’s 2017 foal out of Nib Karaskan Star (Sheikan Star) was sold as a foal and is happily growing up in The Netherlands.
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  • Shadiya

    Shadiya came into Esther’s life in 2009. Esther was looking for a possible broodmare that could also do a decent level of competing. Shadiya was fitting all the bills, though she did not seem to be keen on getting pregnant.

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  • Widad - 2014

    Nib Couldbe Star’s , 2014 daughter by multiple 160 km horse Eenhoorn’s Dahman. She was sold as a foal and has started her first endurance rides in The Netherlands.
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  • Mordysh Shashara - 2002

    Mordysh is Moreno’s first son. Unfortunately, he had an accident when he was a yearling and although sound he was not strong enough for endurance so he was sold to a home that would just use him for recreational rides. Read more