Rein Pressure Gauge

The correct contact with the horse is vital to sympathetic and considerate riding. The effect of the pressure on the reins can have quite some impact. Too much pressure on the reins, and therefore on the mouth of the horse, is uncomfortable for the horse. It will impair the mobility on so many levels. Not only does too much pressure on the reins restrict the movement of the jaw, but also the shoulders will move less freely. The breastbone of the horse will not be able to lift, and the back of the horse can become rigid, sometimes even causing blockages in the spine.

Low Pressure
High Pressure

Groen Equestrian uses a rein gauge that helps the rider see the amount of pressure on the rein. It will show green when the contact on the reins is within healthy limits but will show red when the pressure is too high. By becoming aware of what is happening in the horse’s mouth, the rider can adjust the amount of pressure and thus improve the quality of riding.

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