Arab and part-bred Arab Performance Stud

Esther has been breeding her own Arabs for endurance since 2002, her very first foal was Mordysh. The second generation homebred was born 15 years later, in 2017. It is quite extraordinary to compete homebred horses. To plan the combination of mare and stallion, see the foal born and grow up, and then competing it is so special. Esther has been lucky to compete Moragh in two 160s and Shatranj to multiple 120s. To then see their foals being born was a dream come true.

Groen Equestrian only breeds with proven performance lines, mostly endurance horses, Arab, Anglo Arab and part-bred Arab horses. The stud uses predominantly Russian and French performance lines, with some Crabbet and Polish as well. The mares used for the stud have all been competed by Esther, all have done 80 km’s or more in endurance, the stallions she uses are also proven either in endurance or racing.

The stud offers 2 stallions at stud and has 4 mares, some still competing and some full-time broodmares. Groen Equestrian produces only a very small number of foals, and some are retained for private use. Occasionally a foal or young horse is for sale, and sometimes one or more of the mares is offered for breeding lease (remaining with Groen Equestrian).

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  • Groen Equestrian offers 2 stallions at stud. They cover both the stud’s and outside mares. If there is enough interest, frozen semen can be collected.
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  • Groen Equestrian owns, competes and breeds with 4 mares, 2 full Arab mares (bred by Esther herself), an Anglo-Arab mare and one part-bred Arab mare. All
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  • Good stallions make great geldings, and therefore some of the colts that are kept at the stud are gelded. They are no less than the stallions,
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