Online Training

Esther offers courses tailored to the way you like to learn, either taking the chance to join her annual study group with focused weekly goals and the support of like minded others in a private Facebook group, or picking self study theory modules covering a whole range of endurance focused topics.

Endurance: Step by Step, the online endurance coaching course

For years now, around mid-November, Esther started her online endurance coaching course with an English group and also a Dutch group.
From 2021 we will do this in a new format. Instead of chapters with information to read, Esther will provide video tutorials with worksheets to work on all kinds of topics. The tutorials will become available in our new member section on the website. And once a month a zoom Q&A session to ask any questions will be done. Besides that, there will still be a Facebook group to offer the community to share experiences together. Endurance training can sometimes be lonely, and being in a group helps with that.

The course caters for everybody doing endurance, whether you are just starting out or are quite experienced. Everyone will find some structure and new information for the competition season.

The online endurance coaching course will cover topics such as:

  • conformation of the horse
  • movement
  • evaluation of the previous season
  • planning for the upcoming season
  • training physiology
  • making training schedules
  • training in different terrain
  • nutrition
  • riding issues

You will learn lots of new stuff, be challenged about things “you have always done” and understand more about the background of training. Not only will you learn from Esther, but everybody in the group can contribute so we can learn from each other and find new endurance friends.

Prices are on the special member section of the website:

The member section on the website

In the member section which will become available in the autumn of 2021, you can find a huge amount of information in the form of video tutorials and blogs. You can pick and choose individual tutorials you like, or you can purchase a series on a specific topic. It is also possible to become a member for a year, so you have access to all tutorials whenever you want them.

This is an easy and low threshold way of finding loads of information on endurance training, riding and all aspects that are part of this amazing but challenging sport. It will provide information for riders at all levels of the discipline in any country. This is the first place where so much information on endurance can be found! We also have a Facebook support group that you can join with loads of extra info and free-bees.

A complete free series on Starting with endurance is on the free section, so plenty to get you started (or to tell a friend about!) Have a look here (become a member first:

Private coaching

You might be looking for personal one-to-one online help. Perhaps you are stuck and need some guidance for training, dealing with some riding issues you and your horse have. Or you might need help with making your ride plan and training schedule. Perhaps you are looking for help with finding or assessing a potential endurance horse.

There are several ways to help you. Of course, we can organise for you to come to Esther's yard to work on issues there. Sometimes it is also possible for Esther to travel to you (especially if there are other people that would like some help) But often online is the easiest option. Here are some private coaching services Groen Equestrian can offer: 

  • Video conference sessions (via skype, Zoom of whatsapp video) of 30 minutes to discuss any queries you have. Longer sessions are available on request. 

            * Price for 30-minute session: £20/€25 (we reserve the right to use a portion of this time if there is a lot we need to prepare)

            * Price for 45-minute session: £25/€30 

            * Price for 60-minute session: £35/€40

  • 5 video 30 minute conference sessions to help with an ongoing issue or topic to ensure that you have all the help and feedback you need.  Price for 5 30-minute sessions: £90/€105

NEW!!  The personal private endurance coach program.

After an intake consultation in which we can determine if Esther can help you, we will make a program to help you with the steps you and your horse need to take to get to the goal you are looking for. Weekly updates and chats, together with access to the appropriate tutorials is part of this program. A minimum commitment term of 2 months is required, usually after these first 2 months the coaching is less intense and the price will lower accordingly.

* Price for the first 2 months: £25/€30 per week

* Price for subsequent months: £20/€25 per week