Online Training

Esther offers courses tailored to the way you like to learn, either taking the chance to join her annual study group with focused weekly goals and the support of like minded others in a private Facebook group, or picking self study theory modules covering a whole range of endurance focused topics.

Online Endurance Coaching Course

Every year around mid-November, Esther starts her online endurance coaching course with an English group and also a Dutch group. Members of the group get a chapter of a workbook with a new subject every week. These chapters are shared in a closed Facebook group and some in webinars. One personal online video session is also included per person, to work together with Esther on any topic that needs extra attention.

In the group, Esther offers guidance, information and feedback on the theoretical exercises done by members. Everyone can work on the chapters at their own pace, so there is no time pressure of any kind. Some people just like to read, others want to share what they are doing, you can do whatever suits you.  As a welcome side-effect, the group provides a framework of fellow endurance riders to share experiences and to make new friends. Endurance training can sometimes be lonely, and being in the group helps with that.

The course caters for everybody doing endurance, whether you are just starting out or are quite experienced. Everyone will find some structure and new information for the competition season.

The online endurance coaching course will cover topics such as:

  • conformation of the horse
  • movement
  • evaluation of the previous season
  • planning for the upcoming season
  • training physiology
  • making training schedules
  • training in different terrain
  • nutrition
  • riding issues

The course lasts 32 weeks bringing members well past the middle of the season.

You will learn lots of new stuff, be challenged about things “you have always done” and understand more about the background of training. Not only will you learn from Esther, but everybody in the group can contribute so we can learn from each other and find new endurance friends.


  • 2020/2021 coaching £100/100 for the full coaching including 32 workbook chapters, closed facebook community with the opportunity to ask the questions you have to Esther. 
  • 4 weeks introduction: £20/€20,  including 4 workbook chapters and the 1st 4 weeks in the group.  
  • Online coaching plus all 20/21 webinars and the workshops has a special all-in price with a nice discount:  £165/€165 for online group coaching, 8 webinars and 3 workshops

Webinars 2020-2021

In the winter of 2020/2021 8 webinars will be available (dates to follow). The price will be £7/€7 per webinar (or £50/€50 for all)
They will follow the general structure of the online course so can be a great addition to that.
Topics will be:

1.Assessment of balance in conformation

2.Assessment of movement

3.Planning the upcoming endurance season

4.Making a training schedule

5.Turning a training schedule in actual day to day training

6.Problem solving for training and out on rides

7.Am I training too much, or not enough?

8.Riding exercises for endurance horses

The summer series of 11 webinars are recorded so available on request:

2021 Online Workshops

Groen Equestrian will host 3 online interactive workshops to work on skills in small groups.
So The price will be £10/€10 per webinar (or £25/€25 for all)

1.Planning the next season (evaluation, SWOTS and ride plan)

2.Making the training schedule

3.Troubleshooting in training and management


Online Endurance Coaching Modules

For people that are looking to work on their own with minimal guidance, we offer separate coaching modules. These are significant parts of the online coaching course, concentrating on particular subjects with webinars and workshops to complement. These modules can be purchased at any time of the year (webinar can be a recorded one, the workshop depends on availability). 

The modules do not offer the coaching of Esther or the companionship of the group, but they are a great way to have some in-depth information about endurance topics. The modules are in English and also available in Dutch (webinars in English, workshops can be either language). £45/€45 per module

The theoretical modules Groen Equestrian offers are:

  1. Evaluation, preparation and planning module: 6 workbook chapters, 3 webinars Assessment of balance in conformation, Assessment of movement and Planning the upcoming endurance season and Workshop Planning the upcoming endurance season
  2. Training physiology module: 7 workbook chapters, 3 webinars Making a training schedule, Training with heartrate monitor and Am I training too much, or not enough? Plus workshop Making the training schedule 
  3. Riding module: 10 workbook chapters and 3 webinars: Lunging, Quality work within your quantity training and  Riding exercises for endurance horses
  4. Management module: 9 workbook chapters and 3 webinars: Feed, feeding and management, Vetgates, cooling crewing and ride management and Problem solving for training and out on rides, and Workshop Troubleshooting in training and management

Private coaching

If you are looking for personal one-to-one online help that is also possible. This can be on subjects like training, dealing with some riding issues you and your horse have. Or perhaps you are looking for help with finding or assessing a potential endurance horse. You can always contact us to discuss your needs but here are some private coaching services Groen Equestrian can offer: 

  • Video conference sessions (via skype, Zoom of whatsapp video) of 30 minutes to discuss any queries you have. Longer sessions are available on request. ** Price for 30-minute session: £20/€20   ** Price for 45-minute session: 30/€30   ** Price for 60-minute session: £40/€40
  • 5 video 30 minute conference sessions to help with an ongoing issue or topic to ensure that you have all the help and feedback you need.  Price for 5 30-minute sessions: £75/€75
  • Full endurance coaching course with all chapters via email and 5 30 minute video conference sessions (via skype, Zoom of whatsapp video) to discuss any queries you have.  Price is £150/€150



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  • Esther offers courses tailored to the way you like to learn, either taking the chance to join her annual study group with focused weekly goals and the support of like minded others in a private Facebook group, or picking self study theory modules covering a whole range of endurance focused topics.
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  • To help riders with posture, absorbing the horses' movement and becoming aware of how to become one with your horse.
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  • Esther’s base offers fantastic facilities for the endurance rider so bring your horse to her, on your own or with a friend, for a day’s practical training, or even a full weekend, and experience all that Esther Groen Endurance has to offer.
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