Franklin balls

Franklin balls are plastic balls of different shapes designed by Eric Franklin, a Swiss dancer and founder of the Franklin method. The method and balls were first used in dancing and later in all sorts of activities. They have now become increasingly popular for horse riding.  Groen Equestrian uses Franklin balls to help riders improve their position and riding skills. When using the Franklin balls, a rider can become aware of tensions in their body. The Franklin balls can also help the rider to resolve these tensions. When a rider has issues with asymmetry (which nearly everybody has), using Franklin balls can help to straighten the rider's position.

Fascinating in using the Franklin balls is that they operate on the mind as much as on the body.  They increase sensory awareness and create a connection of the brain to the body and vice versa. So even when the rider is not actively working at the issue, the Franklin balls will create new pathways in the brain that help the body address the problems and improve riding without even trying!

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Franklin Balls

Franklin balls are plastic balls of different shapes designed by Eric franklin, a swiss dancer and founder of the Franklin method.

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