Endurance Coaching

As an international endurance rider Esther has ridden at the highest level of international FEI endurance competitions including European championships, so she is able to offer various services to customers who would like to benefit from her experience. To become a successful endurance rider and achieving good results with (very) different horses in (very) different circumstances, one has to learn about every aspect of horse-management. Acquiring this knowledge and more importantly knowing which approach to use for the specific needs of each individual horse is essential for a successful endurance rider.  This means always improving on riding skills, learning about training physiology, stable management, and acquiring knowledge of saddles, bitting, feet care, and food requirements.


Esther started riding endurance in 2000 with her Arab stallion Moreno. Finding a coach with experience in training for endurance was impossible in those days, so mistakes were made. But the challenges Moreno posed for Esther to compete him in endurance and keep him injury-free and controllable have been vital for her knowledge of keeping an endurance horse healthy and sound. After Moreno, Esther competed with several other horses. Each with their own individual needs, challenges and quirks. They all taught her something new or different. And even with all her experience, Esther is still learning; this is the great thing about being an equestrian, and even more so about being an endurance equestrian: you are never done learning.

To learn, we must make mistakes, and everybody’s first horse will bear a good portion of these mistakes made out of inexperience and ignorance. Making mistakes when you do not know any better is not pleasant, but it is unavoidable. As we progress, as rider and manager of our horse, we learn from, remember and act on previous lessons learned. If we have a coach to guide us, we will make fewer mistakes and still learn. Our horses will benefit, and so will we.

Esther is happy to share her experiences with (endurance) riders of all levels. Esther provides services like online endurance coaching and other guidance to help endurance riders with the many challenges successful and healthy endurance riding poses.))

Online Training

Esther offers courses tailored to the way you like to learn, either taking the chance to join her annual study group with focused weekly goals and the support of like minded others in a private Facebook group, or picking self study theory modules covering a whole range of endurance focused topics.

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Theoretical & Practical Clinics

To help riders with posture, absorbing the horses' movement and becoming aware of how to become one with your horse.

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Training at Esther's

Esther’s base offers fantastic facilities for the endurance rider so bring your horse to her, on your own or with a friend, for a day’s practical training, or even a full weekend, and experience all that Esther Groen Endurance has to offer.

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