Dismounted Workshops

If the weather is bad, or if you’re looking for something slightly different to try, Groen Equestrian offers fun group workshops. The workshops without a horse are great activities for autumn and winter times when riding out is not much fun, and you still want to work on your rider skills, but are available any time of the year. The workshops with a horse can be organised any time of the year, weather permitting.

SIMulator and Rider Biomechanics.  

Esther specialises in rider biomechanics using her SIMulator. You can find all information about this here, many riders gain huge benefit from starting with a SIM session and following up with a ridden lesson to implement and cement what they have learned.

Contact Clinic.

A fun couple of hours understanding more about contact on the reins and the effect your hands will have on the horse's mouth. We combine fun exercises and show the amount of pressure that is put on the reins with a rein pressure gauge. Your hands are the most critical part of communication with your horse. It does not matter if you ride with a bit or without, the mouth and nose of the horse are very sensitive. We should be very conscious of what our hands, arms and shoulders do to make contact with our horse as subtly as possible. 


Price for these lessons depends on several factors:

  • Distance to drive to the location
  • Number of people in one lesson: individual, shared or group
  • Addition of rein pressure gauge, Franklin Balls or a ridden session.
  • Duration of lesson 

Please contact Esther with this information so she can estimate prices.  

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