BUA Saddle Prices

Call Out Charges

If you are interested in trying a BUA Groen Equestrian can come to you to do a demo session on your horse. You can feel and ride and ask all the questions you want. Let your horse tell you what it thinks of BUA.

Call-out is £50,- within 10 miles of B60 3GE (extra miles after those 1st 10 miles are 50p per mile)

If you buy a saddle the call out and any travel cost within 50 miles is free (and within the 1st month after the demo we can offer a small discount)

At the moment we are looking into the option to try a BUA saddle yourself at home for a week, with a video conference chat to talk about your experience and questions. Besides the fee for using, extra cleaning due to Covid-19 and shipping, we would also look for a deposit and proof of identity. Please let us know if you are interested in this option and we can discuss the details together.

Saddle Prices

The BUA is an Irish saddle and is therefore priced in euros. With the changes in the currency rates, it is best to contact Groen Equestrian to hear what the current Groen Equestrian price in Sterling is.

BUA offers 2 versions of the saddle, all with the same tree, seat and sweat flap options, but made with different materials. It is possible to create a hybrid version of the 2 types.

The BUA original: 2500 euros

The BUA original comes standard with:

  • Cantilevered tree, set of flaps, set of mesh panels and saddle cover
  • Thin, durable and lightweight automotive leather in 3 colours (black, brown and grey)
  • Mesh colours: black, green, orange, grey and royal blue
  • Panels with foam, easily adjusted with extra inserts or shimming
  • 17.5” seat, in standard or narrow option
  • Standard front d-rings, extra d-rings optional
  • Choose between 4 types of flaps: dressage, general purpose, jump with knee blocks, jump without knee blocks

The BUA Performance: 3700 euros

The BUA Performance comes standard with: 

  • Cantilevered tree, set of flaps, set of wool flocked panels and saddle cover
  • Premium UK saddle leather in 2 colours (black and brown)
  • Wool flocked panels, easily adjusted.
  • 17.5” seat, in standard or narrow option
  • Standard front d-rings, extra d-rings optional
  • Choose between 3 types of flaps: dressage, GP/jump with knee and thigh blocks, jump without blocks

It is possible to combine the Original and the Performance type. We call this The BUA Hybrid. The price depends on the choice of leather (automotive or UK premium saddle leather) and the panels (mesh or wool flocked)