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Webinars galore!


12 recorded webinars (and more coming up!)

As it is not always easy (and in these COVID times, safe) to come to you to tell you about my experiences in endurance, so I have started doing webinars on several endurance-related subjects.  This means I am no longer bound to distances and can talk to you from all over the world (well, that's mostly UK and the Netherlands in my case, but I have had already had people follow webinars from New Zealand, France, Italy and Portugal. How exciting is that!

I will continue with doing webinars, and record them so they are available to you to view at a time it suits you. For the recorded webinars you still need to send me an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at this moment but hopefully, we will have a system in place soon to give you more direct access.

And if you like, please have a look at the coaching options (and other services) Groen Equestrian provides: https://groenequestrian.co.uk/endurance-coaching

Summer 2020 webinars:

Over the summer I have done 12 webinars, 1  about the characteristics of an endurance horse and a serie of 11 that helps you prepare, train and compete in endurance.

I will do a few more in autumn and in winter I will start the endurance coaching course in which I will incorporate  webinars as well.  Please send me an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to purchase one of the webinars (and what day you would like to view). They are £5 per webinar.

The webinars available are in clusters as the season (and training) would progress:

Preparing for training:
1.Starting to train the young or unfit horse. 
2.Fittening the open/advanced horse. 
3.Fittening the experienced advanced/FEI horse. 

Training for endurance:
4.Training phases and stimuli 
5.Lunging for endurance horses (2 video's)
6.Quality work within your quantity training 
7.Knowing whether you are training or just riding 

Competing in endurance
8.The competition phase 
9.Tapering and rest 
10.Feed, feet and all other contributing factors 
11.Vetgates, cooling crewing and ride management 

The 2021 coaching is ready for you!
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