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I can tell you: there is no shortage of passion in Aqui and a lot of power as well. Though maybe that's not really passion but just testosterone, him being a young virile male.

The passion I'm talking about is the passion for our horses. That truly is a powerful thing! What is it about these animals that make us love them so? We spent loads of money on their every need and use every spare minute to be with them (which in my case will mean sliding around in the mud in the upcoming winter months to provide for them like the horse-slave I am...)

Is it the riding we like so much? Or looking after them? Buying matchy-matchy sets? Or another rug (that is my fetish really ) Is it those big brown velvet eyes, the soft nose... the long mane or those gentle souls. Or the smell... (well, the smell of outdoor horses, not too keen on the stabled smell personally)

To be honest, I really could not tell you. I look after 10 horses at the moment, though one yearling is not mine, the yearling colt is only half mine, and one foal is still for sale. Oh and the other 2 foals only count as half a horse as they are small, right? πŸ˜ Not too bad at all! (Though I might keep the last foal as well as he is sooo cute, they all are)

Where was I, I was distracted by foals, I get that a lot: I am a danger on the road in spring as I get distracted by foals then as well. I can just drive into a hedge staring at them.... Right, so I sort of have 7 or 8 horses, depending on your definition of a horse (as I said, little ones are only sort of half) and I actually try to count them. At least I have no miniature horses anymore, though they really did not count (truly, they did not, only when they were f***ing off through my fencing, which anyone with little shit's knows  🀣).

I can justify having all of them though, and I have been very good this year to sell some (each taking a piece of my heart with them, but it needed to be done as I had to feed the others without much income because of the dreaded C-word, nope not THAT word, Covid I meant πŸ˜‰ ). All my horses have their part to play in my life, all have a little part of my soul, a part of my personality and I love them all for their differences. I don't have multiple personality syndrome... I have multiple equine syndrome!

On a more serious note, horses have kept me sane when I was a young girl struggling with the world around me, they have kept me grounded when I was in danger of drifting away. And they still make me calm when I feel the world is getting a little bit mad like it has recently. They are an oasis of rest in this society of social stimulants, fake news and everyone's opinions about everything. 

Passion can't get more powerful than that.

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