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I am not riding at the moment. 

I am not (yet) on my self-set minimum rider weight. In 2009 I decided that if I wanted to keep riding Arabs in long-distance and progress to FEI, I needed to lose weight, and I should weigh a minimum of 75 kg to be allowed to ride FEI, preferably less. I was over 85 kg at that time, so it was not only good for my horses but for my general health as well.

Rider weight is a topic that is in the news a lot, and so it should be. We owe it to our horses to be fit and easy to carry. Weight is part of this, though it really is not the only part. I know overweight riders that are very balanced and "light" on their horses, and I see some light riders that are a massive burden. For me, the weight is something I always have to be careful of, and this is one of the reasons I have practised hard to be balanced and straight (though I see many a picture of myself to make me give myself a little talking to , work a bit more on weak points). 

I have been struggling with my weight since a teenager. I'm not fat, but I have curves, plenty of curves. And fondness of good food or the odd drink and a sweet tooth does not help matters (and neither does getting older...). As I push myself all spring, summer and autumn to reach my goals, I allow myself to let go a little in winter. The harder the year has been, the more I let go... It has been a few hard years, so the last winters I let go a bit more than usual. I think I deserved it, but now I struggle with the consequences Hence I cannot ride for another few weeks (nearly at the target though, so horses... get ready!)

Horses on my back!!
A look back on 2020, and welcome 2021!

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