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New! Summer endurance webinars

 It's life Jim, but not as we know it…

Well that sums up the situation we are all in pretty much, doesn't it? Social life reduced to Facetime/zoom or house party contacts, homeschooling, queuing in supermarkets with only a few inside. Some of us have loads of time on our hands, and others are busier than ever. Many are only going outside for their exercise, we are lucky to be able to get to our horses I realise, and actually for me life is not massively different (bar having hubby home all the time)

Having said that, with the rides postponed until further notice, all you endurance riders and myself as well, have no rides to bring our ponies, no challenges and no getting together with our endurance buddies. I see a lot of great initiatives happening to give some alternative fun and distraction which is great, but it really is not the same.

But I do hope we will have some rides in the second part of the season.

And to prepare us for that I am going to host a series of summer webinars to get you back training (or at least thinking and planning) again. All sessions will include a theoretical part, but a significant amount of time per webinar is allocated for personal situations and issues you might be having. These webinars will start in May (I know, not really summer yet, but after the April we have had it feels like summer 😉 ) until the end of July, and if we have more need extending to August is always an option. And on request repeats are also possible.

The trio of May webinars will be about the stage most of you are now: either resting or doing a small amount of work. We will talk about the (pre-) conditioning phase and preparing your horse to become adaptable for the more strenuous work that is to come in the later phase of training.  

The first (Monday 4th of May) will focus on getting (back) into work for respectively young/untrained/novice horses. The next (Tuesday the 12th of May) will focus on horses starting to come back at work for their fittening preparation towards open/advanced level. And the third (Wednesday 20th of May) is aimed at  the horses that are ready for the longer and/or tougher rides like 100+ or FEI, because they perhaps even more that the less advanced need to get properly prepared for the straing these long distances will throw at All these webinars will be recorded and available on request for anyone that has missed them. 

After a foaling break I will be back with you guys to do the June Sessions: In these we will focus on the training itself. Webinars on topics such as "Training phases and stimuli", "lunging for endurance horses", "Quality work within your quantity training" and "Knowing whether you are training or just riding". I have set some preliminary dates for these, one webinar every week. 

So these will really help you with your training to the goal you hopefully have again around this time as we hope we will get some rides at the end of the season. I can especially advise you to follow the Training phase and stimuli Webinar on the 4th of June as this will concentrate on the different ways you can train and get your horse fit for the goal you have set. The one on the 24th of June will help you check whether you are really training or perhaps just riding without increasing your horse's fitness to the desired level.

The Lunging and Quality webinars on the 10th and 16th of June are filled with video's for tips, information and examples of how to ensure the highest quality of work for your horse to prevent injury and help it to perform at its best.

The July topics will focus mostly on the goals and the competitions themselves. I will have another foaling break in the middle here, but I hope to be able to fit in 4 talks dealing with: "The competition phase", "tapering and rest","Feed, feet and all other contributing factors" and "Vetgates, cooling crewing and other ride management."

Hopefully, we will have some idea of what will happen ride-wise in Juli . And I have been keeping a positive frame of mind to focus the July webinars on all the aspects we will encounter when we get near to actually going out to compete again. The webinar of the 1st of July will talk about the competition phase and how you can use your rides to get to the next level. On the 7th of July, I will tell you about tapering and rest. Both vital ingredients for keeping a happy and healthy athlete. Some horse and stable management issues and troubleshooting on the 20th of July and everything you will encounter on completion at will conclude this series.

The price per webinar is £5/€5, and if you pre-book al 11 you will get 1 webinar free! You can purchase recorded webinars as well, so you are able to see all webinars at a time you wish.
You can email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get your webinar ticket (one person access per ticket).

I hope to see you on any (or many) of the webinars! 

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