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A look back on 2020, and welcome 2021!


 2020 was the weirdest year (so far ;) ) ... 

No competing in my case, not only because of Covid, but mostly because I had no means of transport for a good part of the year..). Not much IRL coaching because of Covid... Several horses with little health scares (colic mostly due to the weird temperature changes in autumn) and a good bit of car and money hassle. 

Any good things? 
Yes of course! A break from everything, new skills acquired, 2 very special new friends and some lovely work of the young boys. And of course 2 amazing foals!

It was a tough but also a special year. I'll look back a little:

The first part of 2020 was spent on creating this website! Launching it in spring when Covid struck first was not the way I had envisioned a start to my business. But there is a positive in every negative! I had been thinking of starting some online webinars at some point and because of Covid I jumped on the Zoom bandwagon (and out of my comfort zone) and created a number of webinars.

Covid meant that there were no competitions, and most likely no World Championships to work towards. Even though part of me felt disappointed, another (big!) part of me was relieved that there was no pressure on me to ride and compete as I had pushed myself a little too much, in combination with moving countries and the onset of menopause (which in my case created quite some mental unrest).

Instead, a lot of time was spent improving the yard, getting rid of the inheritance of ever growing weeds and creating 4 track systems next to each other with a foaling paddock in the middle. A lot more grass and flexibility, which all of us love!

The second part of 2020 was focussed on getting more active again (something to do with a message from a now very good friend threatening to kick my arse with a pointy very high heeled shoe) and Aqui started his serious working career showing of his all-round quality as a sports horse. I got working and riding a little again and slowly my confidence grew, and my riding improved a bit as I was getting out of some bad habits losing confidence induce.

What did 2020 bring the stud?

A summary: 2  beautiful first foals by Aqui, 1 lovely champagne mare that joined the herd on loan, and 4 (! yes 4!!!) future foals that are now in the oven, being lovingly readied for next year by their amazing dams.

Meet the new additions:

Sunny: an amazing well bred and sweet amber champagne warmblood mare that is on breeding lease. I would love to keep her but it might be hard with the number of horses I have and the financial circumstances, but who knows...
Sunny is pregnant to Aqui for a possible homozygote champagne foal due mid May 2021

GE Niqui: Aqui's first colt foal out of Anglo Arab mare Nib Couldbe Star. A lovely leggy amber champagne colt that will be staying here until he's 3 years old. He is co-owned by Danielle and together we will see what the future brings for this promising boy.

GE Shaquira is Aqui's first filly foal, bred for my lovely friend Paula. Shaquira is a sassy bay madam with plenty of moves and attitude. The name is apt haha!

The future is 2021! 

4 mares are scanned in foal and this will be so exciting. It will also be the last year I am breeding endurance horses for myself as I'm getting a little older so any horse born now I can still hopefully compete myself. Some of the current horses are for sale and perhaps some of the new foals will be as well.
After these foals, I might breed for others on request so if you would like to use any of my mares feel free to give a shout

We are expecting these combinations:
Mid May: Aqui x Sunny: this combination will potentially have some moves and dressage potential. And a 25% chance of being homozygote champagne.

Mid June: TU Champion x Asphodele: Half brother or sister to Aqui with 50% chance of champagne. Champ is a beautiful stallion that will suit asphodele very well, so this is probably going to be a versatile stunner just like Aqui

Mid June: Watt du Colombier x Nib Could be Star: An Anglo Arab foal out of super endurance performance lines. Watt with his multiple 160's and Nib also has many siblings with 160 km performances. This will be a nice big foal and a half brother/sister to Niqui

End June: Watt du Colombier x Moragh Akhdhar. Oh my god, this is every endurance riders dream: a foal out of by 2 top horses. Combining 4 160's in its parents it will be so good to meet this little one in 2021

Watt will be standing at stud (competing permitting) and we'll do an early bird special soon!
Aqui is for sale, but as long he's not sold, he will be available at stud as well!

 Happy new year everyone! 

Let's make 2021 a cracking one!

The 2021 coaching is ready for you!

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