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Preparing your upcoming season


It is January in the UK, and many (as am I) are looking forward to the rides and competitions ahead. We all have an idea in our head what we want out of our season, but have we actually prepared for it? 

And if we have, have we really and honestly looked if our goal is feasible and what we should do (or sometimes even harder, what we have to give up) in order to get there?

I love this quote I read somewhere, it is so apt for our sport!

"Be careful if you don't know where you are going, you might not get there..."

If you are at A and want to go somewhere else it is good to identify B, C or D and plan a route to get there. 

That's what the first series of tutorials will help you with: Preparing and planning to get to where you want to go to!

  • Where did you come from 
  • Where are you now
  • What do you have and
  • Which actions do you need to take to start travelling
  • and making the route to get there, your Rideplan

If you feel the need for some help in preparing, I can help!

I have had a whole series of tutorials for you, which you can purchase as a series or get some of the individual tutorials.
In the series " Preparing your upcoming season" we will discuss:

1. How to do endurance in a healthy way
2. Every horse, rider and situation is different
3. The best preparation is to look back and assess your "equipment"
4. Assessment of balance in conformation
5. Assessment of movement
 6. Assessing factors other than the horse
7. Setting feasible goals and long term plans
8. Planning the upcoming endurance season

Have a look at this introductory video to see if you could use this information to get really prepared, and see if you would opt for the whole series or just pick out the cherries that will help you.

How to access this information?

I hope you are a member of the Groen Equestrian community, if so you can go to PLANS and have a look at either individual series or individual tutorials.
If you are not a member you can also go to the PLANS and become a (Free!) member first (and find loads more info) and then get to the plan section again to get what you want.
You can also choose how long you would like access to the information.


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