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Not 1 but 2 online endurance coaching courses!


This a perfect time to sign up for one of the 2 endurance coaching courses Groen Equestrian has to offer to get ready for you new upcoming endurance season. Yes 2 courses!
Besides the year long course Endurance: Step by Step" we now also offer the 4 month (extension possible) course "Endurance: train smarter not harder"

Have a look at this video in which I explain what will be in the year long course (the first part will also cover the Train Smarter course):

The cost per month for both is similar or less than a lesson from a good instructor, but you get sooo much!
So what do you get? And what is the difference between the 2 courses (besides the duration). I have made an easy overview for you! 

Which one should you take?

I would advise the year long course for anyone that likes help with every aspect of endurance, not just the training side. If you like to be able to ask questions at any time you have them and on anything involved with doing endurance, this is your course! We have a lovely bunch of people in the group so it really feels like you are making new endurance friends for life! 

(oh and you can sign up any time of the year, with any kind of horse, and really anywhere in the world (as long as you understand English of course)

If you are primarily interested in the training aspects of doing endurance and you feel the other topics are less needed, the 4 month Train Smarter course is the one for you. You can always ask for a £20 per month extension to the course if you need it, and of course, all other series are available to purchase as stand alone series if you feel one of them is particularly interesting for you! The same applies for this course, you can sign up at any time you like, with any kind of horse and anywhere in the world!

I hope to see you soon and remember:
Invest in yourself, invest in your horse, invest in your sport

How do you sign up?

The PLAN tab is your way in! If you are already a FREE member you can select the course you want, if you are not yet, just sign in first and then take the next step.

These links are handy:
(Please remember that by subscribing you have entered a legal obligation to pay all terms of your payment plan)

Train smarter 1. Every horse is different
Intro series 4: Turning theory into actual trainin...

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