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NEW: make your training schedule


Making your training schedule can be hard: how much should you train, what rides to do, what about tapering, rest and other things you need to consider to compete your horse happy and healthy?

Groen Equestrian can help. 
We have a lovely package to help you:
3 recorded webinars and 2 30 minute face2face zoom sessions to give you the theoretical background to work on your schedule and the practical help from Esther to get everything in the right order.

The webinars will help you make an ACTION PLAN, a RIDE PLAN and then work towards the TRAINING PLAN
When you sign up you will get the first 2 webinars, we will then discuss your ride plan in a zoom, and after the last webinar we can go over your training plan draft. If you feel you need another face2face session you will get a discount on that as well!

How much is it? Only £50 for this whole package, and an extra £10 if you would like that 3rd zoom chat

Sign up by emailing us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will plan the zooms to get you started!

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