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ITEH5 - Lungs and oxygen

ITEH5 - Lungs and oxygen

They say oxygen is the source of life ,and of course that is correct, (nearly) all metabolism needs oxygen to perform. 

So we could say:  More oxygen = better performance

We could have a huge heart, the best muscles for the job and an unlimited supply of fuel. But without the oxygen, and with that the lung capacity to get oxygen to the blood, we would not have much long distance. 

Lungs are pretty vulnerable, and once you have got some chronic damage (caused by dust, spores, ammonia, an untreated cold…) the capacity diminishes. Once that damage is chronic it will stay, and impact your horse's performance.

And perhaps your horse did not inherit a huge lung capacity anyway. Look after those lungs people!

Have a look at the tutorial video to learn more:

mSo your horse's lung could well be the vital ingredient for high level performance!

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