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UK Hylofit heart rate monitor distributor


I am so excited to tell you all Groen Equestrian is the UK distributor for Hylofit Heart rate monitors!  

This heart rate monitor system is so easy to use and it has a free real cool app on your phone, so you can check everything, and even check if your own heart rate is decent is you get the system that monitors both your horses and your own  heart rate(both horse and rider need to be fit ;) )

So how does Hylofit work?

The horse will wear a sleeve on its girth. This can be the girth of your saddle, but also that of your lunging roller. The sleeve has the Hylofit ANT+ transmitter, all you need to do is place, add some gel, connect with the app and work your horse.

Same for your own monitor when you have got the complete system, place on your chest, connect and gogogo.

You only need your phone (or some smartwatches can also be paired) and you can see what is going on while your riding with real-time feedback and afterwards you can have a recap of the workout you have done.  Not only the heart rates, but also speed, distance, and a map of where you went.

Why would you use a heart rate monitor?

The obvious reason is of course for training purposes. Knowing what your horse's normal heart rate is in walk, trot, canter and at a gallop will give you a lot of information. But working with training zones will help you to actively plan and progress. To do this the right way it is vital to have established a correct maximal heart rate because the zones in which you train for the particular phase of training you are in are based on that.

Groen Eqestrian offers coaching and webinars to help you with the correct use of training phases, training zones and the use of the heart rate monitor.


Besides use during training, a baseline workout once a month can show you how your horse's fitness is progressing during the training period (or after a rest period you can check where you are fitness wise compared to an earlier period). The baseline is a set protocol of work that is repeated and recorded so you can compare en evaluate.

Monitoring wellbeing is easily done with a heart rate monitor. Pain, distress or other discomforts will show in the heart rate. So if your horse all of a sudden has a higher rest pulse, or is taking a lot longer to get back to a normal parameter after work, you have an indicator that some injury or illness might be lurking

UK prices are:

* Full Hylofit system (rider and horse transmitters and girth sleeve): £239
* Horse system only (horse transmitters and girth sleeve): £199

Sleeve and monitors are sold separately as well, please get in contact if you would like to buy one of these

For more information about the Hylofit system you can have a look on the Hylofit website: https://hylofit.com/pages/what-is-hylofit

And of course you can always send me an email if you have any questions ...

Webinars galore!

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