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Herd reduction

Perhaps you have seen the blog about my "multiple horse syndrome", not to be confused with multiple personality syndrome ๐Ÿ˜‚.  (if you have not, have a little read ;) https://groenequestrian.co.uk/blog/horses-on-my-back )

The lack of income because of Covid has made me have to sell some of my horses, and as lockdown is easing this seems a good time to do it (yes... I know people have been buying and selling all throughout the lockdowns, but I like to be a good girl...๐Ÿ˜‡)

Please realise that even though this is a herd reduction and I need to sell because of money worries, these horses are not in the bargain basement. (another blog to read perhaps: https://groenequestrian.co.uk/blog/how-much ). They are all well-bred out of proven performance lines. Are they perfect? I have never owned or bred a horse that is ๐Ÿ˜‰ (and anyone that tells you they have a perfect horse is either delusional or a liar). 

All my horses have grown up being out 24-7 in a social herd, they have always been wormed, vaccinated, had regular hoof trims, are well mannered and any horse in work has had their teeth checked regularly and has had checks by osteopaths before and during work. I shall tell you anything you need to know, as I find it crucial to find the right person for my beloved horses. My horses will only be sold in Europe, and homes will be vetted. Any horse I have bred can come back to me (presuming I still keep horses ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) if the owner can not care for it any longer for whatever reason.


Please have a look at Shatranj (13 year old 2* FEI mare)

Let me tell you a little about these 4, I'll start with the eldest Shatranj.

Shatranj was born in July 2007, and is a very dark liver chestnut (she gets darker each year!). Shatranj is not big in statue, but she'll outrun horses that are bigger with ease. She has competed her longer distances (2 FEI 2* rides) with me, and I'm not a light rider (which is also the reason why I started breeding from her: I did not feel it was fair on a smaller horse to compete 160 km with the minimum of 75 kg, which I would struggle to get to anyway).

I think Shatranj would do amazing with a light competent rider, perhaps a young rider as we know she can do the 120's with ease. She is not a novice ride, but she's not overly difficult either. She wants to respect her rider (like many Arabs do I suppose) and then she'll conquer the world with you! Of course Shatranj would love to have more foals as well, she is a brilliant mum so she would not mind a life as a broodmare at all.

Shatranj was never vetted out in her whole competition career, she was retired twice, both times because of an upset tummy after traveling longer distances to competions abroad. Some gastric treatment before travel solves this easily. Shatranj has been a mummy for the last few years, she has produced 3 lovely talented foals. This means however she will have to start to get fit again if you would like to compete her, but she's already started training herself as she's running around quite happily in the field wondering why the other mares (which are pregnant) are so boring.

More about Shatranj on her page: https://groenequestrian.co.uk/shatranj-akhdhar

Fionn is now sold

Next up is Mr McDreamy Fionn (pronounced just Finn). Fionn was born in 2014 out of Pulcheria, a mare I trained for 2 years and got to breed a foal from. Born out of amazing performance lines (Pulcheria is out of a 160 mare, and sire Murhib is a very good racehorse out of super lines, who has produced many winners himself). 

Fionn is a big bay boy, with the sweetest heart and personality. He is ridden, but the combination of me being very busy with competing (and on my own) and Covid has left him in young horse limbo for a while longer than I had hoped. He was in regular work until the November lockdown started, but was home this winter. 

Fionn is a sensitive lad, looking for a person that is both confident and gentle, that will give him security but will also encourage him as he can sometimes worry a little too much. He loves hacking out, and is not fazed by much when he trusts his person.
I feel Fionn has everything you look for in a future top level endurance horse. He has the genes, he has had the perfect upbringing and now he needs that rider that will help him reach that potential.

More about Fionn on his page: https://groenequestrian.co.uk/fionn-akhdhar

Aqui is now sold

Next on the list is the amazing Aqui. Allround sports talent in the most amazing shiny wrapping. This golden boy has the x-factor and everyone looks wherever he goes. He was born in 2015 out on my FEI 2* part bred Arab mare Asphodele, his sire is a big dark bay arab stallion by the famous Drug. Aqui has inherited his mother's special colour: the iridescent pearly amber champagne. He has a 50% chance of giving this gene to any offspring.

Aqui is still entire, he has sired 2 amazing foals and a 3rd is expected this year. He has been in work up to now, we started him under saddle in 2019, he had a little break after that and has been in serious work since summer 2020 which he is loving. He has won is first ever prelim dressage test with a super score of 73.65% and recently he has jumped a 1.15m triplebar with his rider. Of course he hacks out, and although we have not been able to do any cross-country yet, it seems like this would be just a thing for him. He is endurance-bred, so it goes without saying he should have plenty of long distance stamina, but this guy can really do everything.

He can be sold entire, he would make an amazing stud to produce horses of any size. But he can also be gelded at the yard he is at and go to his new home when healed (and a little less laddy ๐Ÿ˜) 

More about Aqui on his page: https://groenequestrian.co.uk/aquilegio-akhdhar

Arie is now sold

Last, but certainly not least is Arie, my lovely leggy spider (his full name is Araghnid ๐Ÿ˜œ). Arie is an unspoilt youngster, like all of my horses he has always lived out in a herd situation. Arie, born in 2017, is out of my favourite (and perhaps most successful) mare Moragh (2 x 160 km) and racehorse Spiderman Kossack. I do like French-Russian Arab crosses! 

Like his dam he is a late developer, which is no problem for me as I do not like to start my horses too young anyway. Arie has a very cool personality, he might even be a little "in your face" as he feels he needs to be first in line for everything. His calm nature will make him an easy ride I should expect, he is not very excitable at all. This was very clear when I had put a roller on hin for the very first time this winter. He was more puzzled about this odd stuff I was doing than worried. So Arie!

Arie has not started working life yet, he will play a little this spring/summer to get an idea of all that is required of a riding horse and then he will be turned away again for a while to mature more. Of course, his price will go up a little when he has started doing some work. I think he will make a lovely friend for someone that wants a sensible horse to do a bit of everything with.

You can read more about Arie on his page: https://groenequestrian.co.uk/araghnid-akhdhar

Thank you for having a look, you are welcome to email me for any additional questions and of course for their price (think age x 1000, a little more for Aqui, a good bit less for Shatranj as she's a little older). And if you have any friend looking for their forever fried, please share.


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