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Happy New Year!


I hope you and your horse(s) have had a good 2022 and I wish you a super 2023! Have you made any New Years resolutions? I try not to anymore because I usually end up being disappointed in myself, but I do try to focus on "things I would like to do" or "things I would like to improve"

The problem with resolutions (and subsequently getting disappointed) is that we keep them vague:
"I want to lose weight", "I want to get fitter", "I want to do a 160". The want is great, the how a tad more elusive. I want a lot… but quite often it's not something I can get. Simultaneously, some vague wants are easy to get: I want to lose weight is easily done by just fasting for a day. You will have lost weight, but how to keep it down, or lose more? The same with getting fitter, you or your horse need a structure, workouts that fit your body and ability, and not to forget your goal

My tips for you for 2023:

  • Educate yourself.
  • Assume you know less than you think, whichever level you ride at
  • Get to know your horse: study it, monitor health and work (keep a log!!)  and always act on it's best interest (which might not be yours...)
  • Make an action plan to get to your aims and resolutions (and then double-check if they are feasible)
  • Question everything you read, not because you don't believe it, but because sometimes you can learn why, other times something is just "always done that way" and we know better now

My resolution for 2023 is to help you. Keep an eye on the announcements this January, I'll be telling you about the Groen Endurance ambassadors,  new webinars and the "Endurance Musketeers"  an exciting new initiative to join everyone without their own backup team so we will all become a huge endurance family to help ride and train together.

I am still exploring options to create a new endurance challenge that will award finishing over winning, with a more positive focus on heartrates for every type of horse, and passing the vet. However, I still have to find sponsors interested for it (so if you want to help, give a shout!)

Just after Christmas i already gave you this gift: I will give everyone that takes out a new subscription to one of the online endurance courses a 10% discount (valid to the end of February 2023!) Just enter 202310 in the discount box and you will have help for just over £25! Of course there are also the stand-alone series and tutorials and recorded webinars which you can view at any time you like and to make these more accessible I'll let you use the 10% code on those as well!

And for everyone that has done the online endurance coaching in the past (and it doesn't matter how long ago this was) I have a 20% discount. Just drop me a message when you have done the online coaching in the past, and I will give you your specific code to use!

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