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Groen Equestrian Christmas/New Year present!


I hope you have all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the new year!

I know we all feel the financial squeeze, but we want to keep having fun with our horses as much as we can.
I am a huge believer in investing in yourself to make for more "efficient" training and competing. With the cost of fuel and other expenses, every ride you do should ideally be one that goes as well as planned, so you won't lose money on entry fees, overnight stays, fuel and looking after your crew. My online coaching will help you know more, to achieve more!

The Groen Equestrian online endurance coaching will help everyone, everywhere in the world, with every kind of horse and any sort of experience to do endurance and to do it well!

My present to you will hopefully help you a little more:
I will give everyone that takes out a new subscription to one of the online endurance courses a 10% discount (valid to the end of February 2023!) Just enter 202310 in the discount box and you will have help for just over £25! Of course there are also the stand-alone series and tutorials and recorded webinars which you can view at any time you like and to make these more accessible I'll let you use the 10% code on those as well!

And for everyone that has done the online endurance coaching in the past (and it doesn't matter how long ago this was) I have a 20% discount. Just drop me a message when you have done the online coaching, and I will give you your specific code to use!

So how does it work?

You have to be a free member of the Groen Equestrian website first (so either get that done or make sure your are logged in) and then go the the PLAN page you can pick the plan you want to use (or use the links available in this pos):
* The year long course "Endurance: Step by Step" 
* The 4 month training focused course "Endurance: Train smarter"
* The Series of tutorials available at this moment (more are still being made)
* The individual Tutorials (and yes, more are still being made)
* The recorded webinars (and any 2023 webinars will be uploaded later)

Select the subscription option you would like and use your code (the 10% code is: 202310) before you go to check out!

Happy New Year everyone 💚💚💚 (and please share so many people know of this opportunity, thank you!)

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