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"Endurance: Step by Step", the online endurance coaching course is here!


Thunderbirds are go! 

Yes! It is finally time to launch the online endurance coaching course on the website!
An all-new and innovative formula to help everyone wanting to do or doing endurance with loads of tutorials AND personal help. 

  1. Suitable for anyone, anywhere in the world, with any type of horse and any type of experience or ambition!

In the last 10 years I have been doing online coaching, it was via pdf chapters and a Facebook group to discuss any questions my "coach-kids" had. These could be general on endurance or about the topics in the chapters.
When making the new Groen Equestrian website 2 years ago I always had the intention to incorporate the online coaching into it, but when Covid struck I had no income to pursue that dream. 

But sometimes you have to risk a little and that is just what I did this summer. No income, but selling some of my foals to invest in this massive project was scary, but I hope it will pay off (don't worry about the foals, of course they have a good home ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

A lovely new home for Lupine Akhdhar and Rayqui is sorted (and they'll stay together!!)

So first we created the Free GE Community member section which gives anyone a lovely insight on what I do, in what way I present it and what I can offer. (and whether I am your "cup of tea" because I am literally colourful ๐Ÿ˜‚) 

And now I'm working hard on filling your endurance library with loads of information. A lot of tutorials, grouped into series. And the first 8 series make up the Endurance: Step by Step online endurance coaching course.

"Endurance: Step by Step" gives you
  • 70 (!!) tutorials on all subjects endurance oriented
  • An extensive workbook with assignments to record all your progress and structure your season
  • A (closed) facebook community to discuss your assignments, ask questions and get personal help from Esther
  • And monthly zoom Q&A sessions (1st Monday of each month) to ask questions and to talk to Esther personally

The 8 series in this coaching course are also available to purchase individually, in case you don't want the full course but want the "library option" to get the information you are looking for at this moment.

And what might this all cost you ask?

To be fair, I have had to increase the price a little, partially because of the extra costs involved with making it all easily accessible. And partially because I am giving you so much more!

Let me repeat what is in the Endurance: Step by Step online endurance course once more:

  • 70 (!!) tutorials
  • An extensive workbook with assignments 
  • A (closed) facebook community 
  • And monthly zoom Q&A sessions 

Or have a look at this video of me telling you all about it: 

"Work in progress" Discount

Because there is a huge amount of work involved, and all the content will slowly become available (starting with series 1 at first and adding loads in the coming months), the series will become available in a staggard way at the moment of launching the online course. Besides that there is a good chance we have a  snag hidden here or there in the system so please tell us about any problems you encounter because we need all the feed-back we can get.

That's why we offer "Endurance: Step by Step" with a massive discount of 40% until the end of 2021!
(and anyone that has done the online coaching before can email me for a 50% discount code!)

To avail of the discount you have to be a member of the (free) GE Community (go to MEMBERS, and then to PLANS to become a free member) and then go to back to PLANS and purchase the Endurance: Step by Step online coaching (don't forget your discount code!) or if you prefer a separate series (once it is available, and sorry, no discount there for now).

And once you are part of the online coaching you will have help, structure and loads of information!
You can choose between a yearly fee, quarterly, or monthly.

Expensive? Not really!

If we break it down the monthly payment is
  • Less than the entry for your average endurance ride or other organised equestrian activity
  • Less than a lesson by a good accredited instructor
  • Less than a night out or a nice meal ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • And a lot less than your vet or other treatment if something goes wrong (and I promise you that with my method you will need treatment less!
And it's cheaper still if you can pay in 1 lump sum, or in the quarterly payments!

So invest a little in your horse and your endurance ambitions by letting me help you and do Endurance: Step by Step.

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Workbook Series 1 Preparing your upcoming season

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