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Not 1 but 2 online endurance coaching courses!


This a perfect time to sign up for one of the 2 endurance coaching courses Groen Equestrian has to offer to get ready for you new upcoming endurance season. Yes 2 courses!Besides the year long course Endurance: Step by Step" we now also offer the 4 month (extension possible) course "Endurance: train smarter not harder"Have a look at this video in w...

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Back to school time!


Now the schools have started again, the structure of "normal" life has started once more. And what better time for us to do some "studying"  as well? In my coaching I often get asked about heartrate monitors, which one to use and how to use them. They can be a super tool to aid your training so that's why I will start with 2 webinars...

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The endurance library: Series 1 Preparing your upcoming season


 DID YOU KNOW.... ... that you can buy separate parts of the "Endurance Step by Step"online coaching course! So if you want to pick and choose that's possible.For now we have series 1 (Preparing your upcoming season) available as a separate purchase. All the others will become available soon as well. Some of the tutorials out of the series wil...

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New! Summer endurance webinars

 It's life Jim, but not as we know it… Well that sums up the situation we are all in pretty much, doesn't it? Social life reduced to Facetime/zoom or house party contacts, homeschooling, queuing in supermarkets with only a few inside. Some of us have loads of time on our hands, and others are busier than ever. Many are only going outside for t...

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