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Back to school time!


Now the schools have started again, the structure of "normal" life has started once more. And what better time for us to do some "studying"  as well? 
In my coaching I often get asked about heartrate monitors, which one to use and how to use them. They can be a super tool to aid your training so that's why I will start with 2 webinars about heartrate monitors in September.

On Tuesday the 13th of September we will discuss different types of heartrate monitors, pros and cons, some theory about maximum heartrate VO2max, aerobic thresholds and anaerobic thresholds

On Thursday the 22nd of September we continue with how to use all this in a practical way. How to find our baseline, our maximum heartrate, how to make training zones and what to do in interval training (and if we need to do that at all!)

Both webinars start at 7.30 PM (UK time, so check what's your timezone when you are elsewhere in Europe of further afield). They will be recorded and available for a week after and will be available to purchase on the website later in the year. 
Cost per webinar is £10, and £15 for both. (See about getting a £5 voucher below!)

And then we have the October Train smarter webinars. Designed to help you look back on this season, and prepare for next season.
They are an introduction to the upcoming new Groen Equestrian course: "Endurance: Train smarter, not harder" and anyone doing these webinars will get their money back when they subscribe to the new course when it's launched in January 2023.

All these webinars are on Thursday evenings at 7.30 UK time for a set of 3 weeks in a row.

On the 6th of October we start with the first in the "trilogy", working on understanding how your horse is different from any other horse in its breeding, its balance and conformation, the way it is housed, where it is trained and the weak links it might have. 
On the 13th of October, we focus on how to implement that in our training and set the foundation for our fitness and health
On the 20th of October, we will look at the "smart part", how to optimise to our horse's potential and to work on weaker links. By cashing in on the foundation and looking where we can fix little bits that hold us back (and can cause us not to finish the ride) we solve as much of the puzzle we have information on.

All these webinars will come with a handout, are recorded and available for 2 weeks after the webinar and will be available on the website later.
The cost per webinar is £15, per webinar, together they are £35 
Anyone doing one of these webinars and wanting to do any of the 2 Groen Endurance Online courses later will get their money back via a voucher to use when purchasing the course. 

Sign up via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the Groen Equestrian FB messenger.

And remember: save money by competing better with a healthier horse:
invest in yourself, invest in your horse, invest in your sport

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