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Annual Sponsorship


Every year Groen Equestrian will sponsor 1 rider with the full "Endurance: Step by Step" online coaching course and any personal guidance needed.

* Who is the sponsorship for? ANYONE anywhere in the world doing endurance or wanting to do endurance next year is eligible. (You don't need to be successful or experienced, you don't need an Arab and even with a Shetland you can apply. But you do need to want to share your experiences with the Groen Equestrian coaching.)

*How do you enter? By responding to the Groen Equestrian Facebook post and tell me a bit about yourself and your horse and then answer 2 questions:

1: Why do you want/need/are desperate for the sponsorship?

2: Which one of the 8 series of tutorials in the Endurance: Step by Step online coaching course do you think is most interesting to you and why (you can find the course contents in the Free GE Community)

I will announce the winner on the 15th of November 2021, the very day the online coaching course will commence! (and next year we will have another sponsorship!)

You can find more info on the online coaching course in the video below, and of course in the free GE community!

PYUS1 How to do endurance in a healthy way
Welcome to the Groen Equestrian Endurance Communit...

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