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The 2021 coaching is ready for you!

What a year it has been... and there is still a little bit to go. But whatever endurance season we might or might not have had, it's slowly coming to an end and the winter is ahead. For some it will be a tougher winter than usual, with the Covid restrictions we are likely to get out less than we would like.

BUT we can still do loads online! We can prepare for next year and make it an absolutely brilliant year. I hope to be able to help you do that, not only with the online coaching group I start each year mid-November, but also with a whole new series of webinars and small grouped workshop.

My aim is to start our own 2021 Endurance community, to share our experiences, our struggles and our challenges with like-minded endurance riders, to gain knowledge, lift our spirits and hopefully train together.

Community, webinars and workshops!

Groen Equestrian Endurance community: We will have the yearly closed facebook group with a weekly chapter by Esther to have a step-by-step approach into and throughout the new season. In this group we share experiences, knowledge and can ask any questions that pop up.
Price for the endurance coaching is £100 (and for anyone that has done the coaching before it is half price!)

8 Webinars: these can be done as stand-alone webinars but can also be used to complement the information given in the coaching group. Topics will be:

  1. Assessment of horse balance in conformation
  2. Assessment of movement
  3. Planning of the endurance season
  4. Making a training schedule (with additional workshop available)
  5. Turning a training schedule into actual work 
  6. Troubleshooting: problems in training and rides
  7. Am I training too much or too little?
  8. Riding exercises for endurance horses
Price per webinar is £7, and if you would like to do all it is £50

Interactive workshops: We will hold 3 small grouped interactive online workshops in which we will work on some topic on a much more personal and interactive level.
Topics will be:
  1. Planning the next season
  2. Making a training schedule
  3. Troubleshooting in management and training
Price per workshop is £15 (£40 for all)

If you would like to do the coaching, with the webinars AND the workshops Groen Equestrian has made an attractive all-in price of £165

Personal  coaching.

Of course you can always request a personal approach via video or if possible at yours or Esther's location. Zoom calls are available at any time that suits you and we can also arrange training on location.

Please have a look at the website for the options available: 


A look back on 2020, and welcome 2021!
Webinars galore!

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