Asphodele Larzac


2010 Amber Champagne Part bred-Arab mare. 1.48m high
Sire: Sharifian Lotois (OX)
Dam: Ursula (PB)
Full pedigree:
Best results: 120 km (2* FEI) Royalties 2018

Asphodele was bought as a foal, she was bred by the famous Larzac stud in the South of France. She attracted Esther’s attention when a picture of her came on the internet. A cream coloured foal with blue eyes! Champagne coloured horses are born with blue eyes that change colour when maturing. But champagnes are very rare to find, even more so in the remote area Asphodele came from. After purchase Asphodele stayed in France to grow up. Unfortunately, she got very ill when she was 2 years old, colitis caused by a bacteria nearly caused her death, but Asphodele is a fighter and she survived. Her teeth and gut were damaged though. Asphodele came to the Netherlands when she was 4 years old. She was pregnant by Drug son Al Nus Sukran. A large bay Arab stallion.

She was started under the saddle when she was pregnant, and after the foal she started competing, together with Watt and Nib. Even though she was young she had no problem with her novice rides, and she did her first FEI 1* at 7 years old in Dwingeloo. The longer rides proved a bit more complicated with the side effects of her illness as a young horse, but in 2018 she managed her 2* 120 km ride in horrible weather conditions. She is still being competed at the moment and will do as long as she is comfortable teeth and gut wise.

Asphodeles sire is French-bred racehorse Sharifian Lotois, out of the famous Akbar (by Djelfor) and he has Dahman (Hadban Enzahi)and Ba Toustem in his dam line. Some of his progeny have done up to 120 km rides, and one has done a 3* 160 ride. Grandsire Akbar is a famous racehorse producer and has also sired many top endurance horses. One of his daughters was part of the Dutch endurance squad that won the bronze medal at the European championships in 2015 and quite a few others have done (multiple) 160’s. It’s no surprise Akbar offspring do so well, he comes from a long line of famous racehorses. His sire Djelfor is a Manganate son

Asphodele’s dam is Ursula, a classic champagne (champagne gene on a black horse). She was quite old when she gave birth to Asphodele. Her full brother has only done a few small rides. Ursula is out of an unrecorded Anglo Arab stallion and a mare that we do not know much about, other than she had the same colour as Ursula and her own mother and that she was most likely a Barb cross. Ursula has been a riding horse all her life until she was retired sound at stud. She has never competed.

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