Aquilegio Akhdhar 

Stallion (sold and gelded)

2015 Amber champagne Part-bred Arab (75% Arab) 1.52m high
Sire: Al Nus Sukran
Dam: Asphodele Larzac
Full pedigree:

Bold, brilliance and bone: all round PBA stunner!  

Colour tested EeAACh-  with nd1/nd2 (which can give some primitive/dun markings but are not dun)
This means Aqui can (depending on the dam colour) give chestnuts and bay foals (no black), that all have a 50% of also getting the champagne gene on top of that base colour
Aqui is SCID carrier, CA and LFS free (as well as free of other genetic disorders)

Aqui is quite unique, he is the only champagne horse in the UK with this amount of Arab blood. Most champagnes have Quarter Horse (or Tenessee Walker) blood in them: the champagne gene seems to have originated in America and is seen in some American breeds or crosses. Aqui combines a beautiful shimmering gold colour with proven performance lines, great conformation and gaits, and a lovely cheeky personality. 

Aqui is bred by Esther, out of her 2* 120 km endurance mare Asphodele Larzac. Asphodele came to the Netherlands when she was 4 years old, she was pregnant by a beautiful bay Arab stallion and gave birth to Aqui in 2015. 

He has grown up into a lovely cheeky colt, quite the lad and with plenty of x-factor quality. He is 1.52m high at 5 years old and expected to grow a little as his sire was quite big. As he is still young he has not done any competing and is being ridden nicely. Showing potential for dressage and enjoying his jumps.
He is the type of horse that will do well at any discipline so we will try a bit of everything. His first 2 foals were born in 2020, out of 2 very different mares they show Aqui stamps them well and gives lovely conformation, great moves and a nice big size. 



Aqui is out of Dutch bred Al Nus Sukran, a very tall Arab, standing at 1.61m. He has done several 80 and 90km rides but his owner did not have the ambition to do longer rides. Al Nus Sukran is out of the world-renowned Russian stallion Drug (by Prizrak) and in the dam line we find another Russian legend,  Purpur. 

Aqui’s mother is Esther’s amber champagne mare Asphodele Larzac. Asphodele has completed a 2* 120 km FEI endurance ride and is still competing as of 2020. Asphodeles sire is French-bred racehorse Sharifian Lotois, out of the famous Akbar (by Djelfor) and he has Dahman (Hadban Enzahi) in his dam line. 

Asphodele’s dam is Ursula, a classic champagne (champagne gene on a black horse); she was quite old when she gave birth to Asphodele. Ursula is out of an unrecorded Anglo Arab stallion and a mare that we do not know much about, other than she had the same colour as Ursula and her own mother and that she was most likely a Barb cross. Ursula has been a riding horse all her life until she was retired sound at stud. She has never competed. 

So where does Aqui’s colour come from? It is quite a mystery how champagne coloured horses ended up in a very remote and poor region in the south of France. The champagne gene is a new world genetic, usually only seen in horses from America so somehow an American horse must have been imported to this region at least before 1975 or longer ago. The most likely source of the gene is Quarter Horse.

Ursula was Anglo-Arab x champagne Barb Quarterhorse (so probably 25% Quarter horse if not less), so the percentage of Quarter Horse in Aqui is about 6.25% or less.

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